Bodily Fluid Spill Kits

Spills are an unfortunate occurrence and no matter what systems and procedures you have in place they are guaranteed to happen. When they do, getting the spill handled correctly, safely and quickly becomes paramount. Most spill kits will help you clean a spill but what if your spill has an infectious disease? Shouldn’t it also be disinfected?

Our Spill packs come in a single use packet where all the equipment, PPE and usage instructions are all in a convenient package. The hospital grade packs will not only clean the spill but also disinfect using our Chlor-Clean technology. Once the spill is handled then all equipment, PPE and spill residues are contained in one bag for disposal. No need to return to a spill station or find somewhere to put equipment or waste.

They come in 4 distinct types.

  • Urine and Vomit
  • Blood or blood stained body fluid spills
  • Cytoxic
  • Chemical

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