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Dust and dirt is a part of life on mine sites. Many of your areas such as IT, food and recreational areas need to be protected and shoe covers are often employed for this task. Large foot sizes, steel capped boots and varying physical attributes can make this a cumbersome task.

If you are looking to make the process more efficient and safer then this simple, mobile, non-electric device can make a serious improvement to your site.


About Helix Solutions

Helix Solutions was formed in 2010 and has rapidly grown to be one of Australia’s major suppliers of front line products for combatting infectious disease outbreaks. Products were added from Switzerland and the USA and areas of expertise added in water treatment, agriculture and personal protection.

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About Shoe Inn

Shoe Covers are a requirement in many industries. Pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture are just some areas where dirt, dust and diseases need to be kept away. For many the task of putting on shoe covers is difficult. Age, agility, space, size of boot are all factors that make putting them on a cumbersome and time consuming task.

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About Chlor-Clean

Whether preventing the spread of infectious diseases in health care or just needing the best level of disinfection for your industry, the right choice of disinfection method and product is critical.  Simply applying a disinfectant to an untreated surface will not get the levels of disinfection you are aiming for.

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