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Sourcing & supplying clever disinfectant technology.

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Helix Solutions is an Australian owned and operated business promoting superior alternative products for disinfection.

We aim to find clever, innovative and cutting edge solutions from overseas and bring them to you. From leading edge hospital disinfection products, alternative means to disinfect water through to safe ways to protect your workers, we have a product to help.

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Our Customers

Our customer first approach and nimble business structure allows Helix to serve you as you need to be in this fast paced world. Some of our largest public institutions and private companies know that Helix delivers on its promise of getting you what you need, when you need it with all the support to use safely and effectively.


Our Products

Whether it be for hospitals, homes, water, air, surfaces or personal protection we have a solution that can be tailored to your needs. Every year there are new advances being made, new threats to our health and Helix harnesses the best available and brings them to one spot.

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“We source the best quality products through partnering with like-minded businesses.”

Euan Findlay - Managing Director