Whether preventing the spread of infectious diseases in health care or just needing the best level of disinfection for your industry, the right choice of disinfection method and product is critical.  Simply applying a disinfectant to an untreated surface will not get the levels of disinfection you are aiming for.

Unfortunately, it is not always recognised that many detergents prevent chlorine working properly, hence the chlorine and detergent cannot be mixed together. When used separately the detergent residues must be washed off surfaces with clean fresh water before using the chlorine, thus a three-stage process is necessary. This is rarely done properly in the health-care setting today due to time and cost pressures.

Chlor-Clean has been developed to solve this problem. By creating a new surfactant that will work with the chlorine we have produced a tablet that, once dissolved in water, will give a solution that will both clean and disinfect at the same time. This not only reduces the time taken to perform the cleaning process but improves the efficiency of the disinfection at the same time.

A simple ratio of 1 litre of water to one tablet makes getting the right concentration simple and we back all our products with free training and support materials.

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