Laboratories often require a high level of disinfection and you might not be achieving it by using a commercially available disinfectant. Did you know that laboratories require a 2 step clean and disinfect, as just using a disinfectant by itself may not be effective? Did you know that your cleaning product needs to be compatible with your method of disinfection or it may not work as claimed?

Chlor-Clean provides you with a highly efficient and effective one step process. Simple and easy to use it is available in both liquid and wipe form. Neutral pH allows it to be suitably used on all sealed surfaces and backed up with service and training of the highest level.

If you need stronger solutions for forensic work, Haz Tabs are available to get 10,000 ppm of available Chlorine

Using the technology of the Chlor-Clean wipes we also have available a range of single use spill packs. 4 different types will handle any spill including Chemical. Spills can be cleaned up but they should also be disinfected. Our spill packs have all the PPE, instructions and equipment required to clean and disinfect the spill. Once finished everything is in one disposable bag – nothing to put away!

If whole room fogging is required, then we have Sanosil from Switzerland which is a peroxide and silver based solution. Dispersed by the latest generation of Q -Jets a dry mist can reach areas that can’t be accessed by manual mechanisms.

Finally, if your laboratory facility uses shoe covers, there exists risks from an ergonomic and infection perspective for putting then on and removing. Shoe-Inn provides a highly effective, very economical way of putting shoe covers on and taking them off. Once you have used it you will wonder how you got by without it. Simple, mobile, small and very efficient.


About Chlor-Clean

Whether preventing the spread of infectious diseases in health care or just needing the best level of disinfection for your industry, the right choice of disinfection method and product is critical.  Simply applying a disinfectant to an untreated surface will not get the levels of disinfection you are aiming for.

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About Sanosil

Sanosil uses a unique combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver to treat water. Not only is it very effective but has tremendous stability both before application and once in solution. For warmer areas or tanks sitting long term this means you get long term residual disinfection.

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About Shoe Inn

Shoe Covers are a requirement in many industries. Pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture are just some areas where dirt, dust and diseases need to be kept away. For many the task of putting on shoe covers is difficult. Age, agility, space, size of boot are all factors that make putting them on a cumbersome and time consuming task.

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