Having treated water is essential for healthy crops and livestock. Untreated water can have diseases and may not be the best choice for post or pre harvest treatment of your produce. Chlorinated water treatment affects taste and smell and may not be ideal for livestock.

Sanosil from Switzerland which is a peroxide and silver based solution makes water safe to drink by using Peroxide as the biocide which breaks down into water and oxygen.

If odour control in animal areas is required, then whole room fogging with Sanosil can help. Dispersed by the latest generation of Q -Jets a dry mist can reach areas that can’t be accessed by manual mechanisms.

Finally, if your facility uses shoe covers for handling produce, there exists risks from an ergonomic and infection perspective for putting then on and removing. Shoe-Inn provides a highly effective, very economical way of putting shoe covers on and taking them off. Once you have used it you will wonder how you got by without it. Simple, mobile, small and very efficient.


About Helix Solutions

Helix Solutions was formed in 2010 and has rapidly grown to be one of Australia’s major suppliers of front line products for combatting infectious disease outbreaks. Products were added from Switzerland and the USA and areas of expertise added in water treatment, agriculture and personal protection.

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About Sanosil

Sanosil uses a unique combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver to treat water. Not only is it very effective but has tremendous stability both before application and once in solution. For warmer areas or tanks sitting long term this means you get long term residual disinfection.

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About Shoe Inn

Shoe Covers are a requirement in many industries. Pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture are just some areas where dirt, dust and diseases need to be kept away. For many the task of putting on shoe covers is difficult. Age, agility, space, size of boot are all factors that make putting them on a cumbersome and time consuming task.

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