Hotels and other Commercial Buildings

Hard water is water that contains high levels dissolved chalk, lime and other minerals.  This is particularly common when water is sourced from ground water. Minerals contained in the hard water settle out as an unsightly deposit of hardness scale.

As a result, many types of building water fixtures are being ruined.  Some examples of this are:

  • Scaled Water Heater Elements
  • Blocked Shower Heads
  • Blocked and discoloured tap fittings
  • Damaged Steam Convection Ovens
  • Scaled Glass Washers
  • Scaled Dishwashers
  • Damaged Pipe Work

In the household this problem causes constant annoyance but in a commercial establishment such as a Hotel, Hospital, apartment block or commercial building poor water quality can have a huge detrimental impact on your customers.

Acquasolve has a mild chemical formula to prevent hard water from attacking water fixtures.  The photo above shows water heating elements taken from a leading Perth Hotel.  Acquasolve coats the insides of your pipes to stop scale crystals from forming and accumulating.

The element on the left shows the extent of scale damage.  The element on the right shows the dramatic reduction in scale after the recommended dosing of Acquasolve into its feed water.

Commercial establishments are also subject to the problems of Corrosion causing expensive and disruptive problems with replacing leaking pipes. Acquasolve fortifies pure water by boosting the level of alkaline dissolved mineral salts.  This mimics natural spring water where corrosiveness is reduced by the presence of such salts.

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