How Shoe Cover Dispensers Are Changing the Real Estate Industry


Man walking through an open home after putting shoe covers on using a shoe cover dispenser.

When showing a home, the biggest concern for home owners and agents is dirty floor coverings. Many homeowners will replace their carpet or have their floors professionally cleaned before putting their home on the market, so the last thing they want is hordes of people trampling muddy shoes through their house.

Asking potential buyers at open homes to wear shoe covers can ensure the floors don’t have a single mark on them, no matter how many people walk on them.

What Are Shoe Covers?

Shoe covers are disposable booties that slip on over shoes. Shoe covers are used by a number of industries and often considered to be essential PPE, especially when it comes to hospital operating rooms, labs and forensic scenes. Covers come in different materials, depending on the environment’s risk. For example, if there’s likely to be liquids splashing on shoes, covers can be waterproof to protect the shoes. If the job of the shoe cover is to stop germs and dirt from the shoes contaminating the ground, then the cover doesn’t need to be waterproof.

Shoe covers can be slipped on by bending over and lifting the foot to slip on the cover if you’re fairly young and fit. However, many adults will struggle to stand on one foot and apply the cover without losing their balance or needing to sit. Shoe cover dispensers remove the need to hop on one foot and struggle with the cover. A person simply steps into the dispenser to have the cover automatically applied over the shoes, then they can step away within seconds.

How Shoe Covers Help Real Estate Agents

Shoe covers can make life much easier for real estate agents and their clients during a stressful time. A home open can attract hundreds of potential buyers to a property in a week which can be a nervous thought for any homeowner. Agents can ask visitors to remove their shoes before entering, but many homeowners don’t appreciate strangers walking through their home in unhygienic socks or bare feet.

When agents are vying for home listings, it can often be the little things that seal the deal. Agents that can demonstrate that they care about the homes they list by asking visitors to put on shoe covers can help win the business. If their competitor isn’t doing the same, it can be enough to win over a house proud homeowner.

How Can Shoe Covers Benefit Homeowners?

Shoe covers are the best option for keeping floors clean and hygienic, no matter how many people come through for a property viewing.

Not all homeowners live in the house while it’s being sold, so dirty footprints require them to either clean the floors themselves or pay for a cleaner to vacuum and mop between home openings. The added expense, whether it’s money or time and effort, can make a homeowner reluctant to agree to home opening and may want to list the property with viewings by appointment only.

Benefits of Shoe Cover Dispensers in the Real Estate Industry

If you aren’t applying shoe covers daily for work, they can be difficult and time consuming to fit. You need to bend over and lift one foot off the ground, before then trying to attach the cover without getting it caught on any part of the shoe. Some adults won’t attempt putting on a shoe cover until they have a chair they can sit down on. Due to the time involved in applying shoe covers manually, you can quickly have a build-up of visitors at the front door.

Dispensers Help Make Shoe Covers Safe & Easy to Apply

Shoe cover dispensers make applying covers much quicker and easier than attempting to do it by hand. The dispenser can stay on the ground outside the front door. Without a shoe dispenser, the real estate agent needs to hang on to the cardboard box of covers and hand a pair to every visitor before they walk through the door. This takes away from the agent’s main job of being available inside the property to answer questions and point out selling features. Otherwise, two agents may be needed at a home open. Dispensers mean there’s no risk of someone attaching the covers metres from the front door and getting the covers dirty before they even reach the entrance.

Dispensers Are Convenient and Transportable

Shoe cover dispensers are easy to pick up and move from home open to home open, so an agent only needs one unit. The dispensers are quick and easy to refill when the stock of booties gets low.

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