Drinking Water

Drinking water has been disinfected by Chlorine(Hypochlorite) for many years but the addition of chlorine leaves that unpleasant taste.  The chlorine does not last long, particularly in hot weather, meaning more chlorine has to be added which adds to the unpleasant taste.  Chlorine can produce toxic by products such as Tri Halo Methanes (THM) or Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC).

Untreated water in the rural home or industry can have diseases throughout as well as creating biofilm – the breeding grounds for these diseases.

Sanosil destroys the biofilm, has no taste, no toxic by products, is effective in elevated temperatures and kills the diseases making it safe to drink.

Sanosil is proudly distributed in this industry by Davey as Acquasafe.  Click on the link below to find out more and where to purchase.

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