Sanosil Super 25 is ecologically harmless. Its principal constituent - hydrogen peroxide -does not pollute waste water, because it breaks down into water and oxygen (H2O and O2).

Its wide range of effectiveness against bacteria, viruses, amoebae, fungi and algae makes it easy to handle for the end user. You only ever need 1 product!!

Unlike chlorine based solutions Sanosil remains stable in high temperatures and remains effective once dosed for up to 3 months in closed systems.  It is also effective in water temperatures of up to 95C and it destroys biofilm.

Sanosil prevents recontamination and there is no prospect of bacterial resistance.  There is no need to rinse after application.

Adding Sanosil does not create any odour and does not effect the taste for foods coming in contact with surfaces or for drinking water. There are no carcinogenic or mutagenic effect and in its diluted state it does not cause irritation to skin, eyes and mucous membranes.

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