One Step Process

A 2-step clean is often required in a hospital environment.  This requires a thorough wash of the area with detergent and then an equally thorough clean with a 1,000 ppm chlorine solution.  Care must also be taken that the detergent and disinfectant are compatible or a third rinsing stage is required between the clean and the disinfection stage.

In these times of busy hospitals there is a premium on getting the wards and theatres ready quickly but each step is critical.

Technology has provided a simple answer to this problem.  Chlor-Clean tablets contain Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) combined with an anionic surfactant.  The surfactant is designed to work with the disinfectant ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Thus the Chlor-Clean solution reduces the time taken to do a 2-step clean by half whilst ensuring complete effectiveness.  There is also no need to rinse – suitable to use on all sealed surfaces.

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