Chlor-Clean Hospital Grade Disinfectant

The choice of which Hospital Grade Disinfectant to use is critical in any hospital.  Balancing the needs of infection control whilst providing safety and efficiency for the cleaning staff is a difficult balancing act.  Traditionally a two step clean is required with a cleaning step followed by an application of a Hospital Grade Disinfectant.

Chlor-Clean is a 2-in-1 Hospital Grade Disinfectant with detergent action that;

  • Halves the time for a 2 step clean
  • Is an easy to use tablet to ensure the right strength of solution every time
  • Is supplied by a company that trains your staff and provides all equipment free of charge.

If you would like to see what the growing trend is in hospital disinfection then join the list of hospitals around Australia switching to Chlor-Clean with Helix solutions.

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