Where a mine site takes its water from the ground there are major corrosion and scale problems to contend with.

Remote mines will often pass water through RO units to make the water usable for downstream processes.  Pure or demineralised water generated from reverse osmosis is highly corrosive.  Without the presence of dissolved salts, pure water becomes a strong solvent where materials such as steel and copper pipe will begin to corrode. 

Hard water is water that contains high levels dissolved chalk, lime and other minerals.  This is particularly common when water is sourced from ground water. Minerals contained in the hard water settle out as an unsightly deposit of hardness scale.

Therefore scale build up and corrosion are major enemies of a mines water pipes and causes your engineering and maintenance teams time and money.

As a scale inhibitor Acquasolve coats the insides of your pipes to stop scale crystals from forming and accumulating.

As a corrosion inhibitor Acquasolve fortifies pure water by boosting the level of alkaline dissolved mineral salts, mimicing natural spring water where corrosiveness is reduced.  It also provides a coating to the inside of the pipe work for systems that are experiencing obvious rust contamination. 

Acquasolve can solve both of these issues whilst maintaining the water safe for drinking, showering or other potable applications.

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